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Windsinger Gordon Setters using Weanafeeda

Comments: - We met at Crufts and I thought you'd like to see my nine Gordon Pups enjoying their dinner from their Weanafeeda.

They've been brilliant -easy to use and I can make sure everyone gets their fair share!


Kind permission by:- Angela Cairns Windsinger Gordon Setters


Deez Mastiffs

Thank you for this wonderful product. I look forward to selling them in the USA. Niko Goins

Kind permission by:- Niko Goins - Deez Mastiffs




Tibetan Terrier Pups

-using the Weanafeeda Mini 6.





Hellandian Cockers

The Weenafeeda makes feeding time cleaner and we know what each puppy has eaten, it is brilliant and after the puppies have been fed using it a few times they all go to their own positions around it and as soon as the Weenafeeda comes outs they know it is feed time.

Could not recommend this product high enough in our opinion it is a must for breeders of all breeds.

Kind permission by:- Ian & Hellan @ Hellandian Cockers



Brittany puppies using the Weanafeeda Mini 6

I thought you might like to see my litter of 12 four week old Brittany puppies using their Weanafeeda Mini 6 (x2) for just their second time.




Abbyford Clumber Spaniels

I promised at Crufts I would send a photo of last years litter of 9 clumber pups learning to eat with manners.

The best thing I have bought - makes life so much easier!

Kind permission by:- Jackie Crawford - Abbyford Clumber Spaniels



Cairn Terrier Pups

Thought you'd like to see the attached picture. The pups are 6 week old Cairn Terriers.

Kind permission by:- Helen Miller



Bennetts Bulldog Blessings

I just got the feeder and I love it after the 1st time I used it, “ I don’t know how I lived with out it, all breeders should have one” Thanks.

Kind permission by:- Bennetts Bulldog Blessings



Solentgold Golden Retrievers

"Having always had relatively large litters we would not have coped without this brilliant product. Being able to carry food for up to twelve pups at a time has been invaluable. Thank you - Solent Goldens

Kind permission by:- Lyndsey Uglow Solent Goldens




Thanks, my puppies love it: Andre




Cocker Spaniel Pups

Hi Jen - got the bowls thank you so much - here's my cockers having their first meal - mum is watching waiting any left-overs! X

Kind permission by:- Freya Moore



Bernese Puppies

I thought I would send you this picture of my 12 bernese mountain dog puppies at 5 was old eating beautifully out of their weanafeed bowls, such a geat idea I think they make a great advert..

Kind permission by:- Debbie Eteridge



Andridz Pugs using the Weanafeeda Mini 6

Comments: - "Thank you for this simple but wonderful invention. It certainly lived up to expectations"

Kind permission by:- Ann Mynard



Beartown Newfoundland Pups Using Weanafeeda Maxi 6

Comments: - "Many thanks for your excellent product - I would recommend it to anyone"




Fabraken Labrador puppies using the Weanafeeda Mini 6

Comments: - "How ever did I manage without my Weanafeedas? It really has made a difference to feeding a litter of puppies & there's no way I'll be without it again. It is everything the manufacturers claim it to be. It has been well designed & it works!."

Kind permission by:- Anne Taylor



Valsacre Beagle puppies using the Weanafeeda Mini 6

Comments: - "The picture says it all."

Kind permission by:- Val Hargrave



Rathleague St Bernard puppies using the Weanafeeda Maxi 6 & Maxi 4

Comments: - "A big Thank You! I would truly recommend Weanafeeda to any breeder - it is a great way of making sure all puppies get their share of food and it's so easy to keep clean. The only time they are quiet."

Kind permission by:- Caroline Maher



12 Hungarian Wire Haired Vizslas using the Weanafeeda Maxi 6

I received my 2 Maxi 6 Weanafeedas today……….they are superb and you are life-savers. I can feed 12 puppies now in 15 minutes and no washing – rather than the two hours including a bath each that it was taking me. The attached photo is the litter’s very first attempt and they took to it like ducks to water!

12 Hungarian Wire Haired Vizslas eating in such a civilised way is a sight to behold!!

Kind permission by:- Diane Parry, Leiborschy Hungarian Wire haired Vizslas



Eneleon Labrador puppies using the Weanafeeda Maxi 6 & Maxi 4


Kind permission by:- Noeline Dodds



Milligerte Old English Mastiff puppies using the Weanafeeda Maxi 4

Comments: "A wonderful product. So easy. I feel sure it will be the top of every breeders list in a short time. Money well spent."

Kind permission by:- Rita & Roger Sell



Cheney Great Dane puppies using the Weanafeeda Maxi 6


Kind permission by:- Bruce MacDonald & Maggie Downs


Comments: - "My puppies think that Weanafeeda is the best thing to Mum." - Anne Taylor - Foster:- Kelsham Great Danes


Lisadorn Irish Water Spaniels using the Weanafeeda Mini 4 & Mini 6

Comments:- "It's been a godsend - just wish I'd thought of it!."

Kind permission by:- Penny Diamond


The Weanafeeda & Cleanafeeda for Cats.


Kittens using the Weanafeeda Mini 4


Kind permission by:- Ilona Bellion



Adult cats using the Weanafeeda Mini 6 & Mini 4

Comments:- "All together now!".

Kind permission by:- Fran - Oakhill Vet Centre